Black Panther

Black Panther

Advertisement: Marvel studios has left no stone unturned to entertain their fans in 2018. The latest release Black Panther by Marvel Studios is the biggest example. When all the famous movies have White Superhero, Marvel Studios took a risk and introduced first Black coloured Superhero to the world. This movie is based on Marvel comics …

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Darth Vader

5 Classic Science Fiction Movies that are Still Watchable

Advertisement: Science fiction is one of the most interesting genera of movies, it’s almost like seeing the future of our civilization but the problem with science fiction movies is that they do not age very well. But we have compiled a list of 5 Classic Science Fiction Movies that are Still Watchable and have not …

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fantastic mr fox

5 Most Beautiful Animated Movies

Advertisement: Animated movies are often the best looking movies that we see on the screen because everything in the frame can be controlled very efficiently and you can transfer your dreams on film using animation. Here are our top picks for the 5 Most Beautiful Animated Movies, take a look. Advertisement: Fantastic Mr. Fox Fantastic …

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